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Watermelon is a species of cucumber in the family Cucumber plant, which also includes cucumbers and pumpkins, the origin comes from the Kalahari Desert in southern Africa.

Nowadays it is grown and is also feral in warmer areas all over the world. More than 1,200 different kinds of Watermelon are available in different sizes, tastes and shapes...

When you hear the name watermelon, as with Cucumber, many people believe that it contains the most water and low nutritional value, and yes it actually contains 90 - 92% water.

It also contains vitamin A, thiamine, Vitamin B6 and lots of vitamin C, little potassium and magnesium, fiber, amino acids and antioxidants.

* A sliced watermelon about 300 grams contains a third of the recommended intake of vitamin A and vitamin C/day.
* When you eat a portion of watermelon, you give 30% of your daily need for vitamin A or Retinol which is super important for eye function.
* if you eat watermelon or watermelon juice 1 hour before a workout, you can prevent sore muscles the next day.
* The watermelon is rich in an amino acid that helps blood vessels to relax, it also improves blood circulation.

Since we now know that the watermelon consists of mostly water and then also Fibers, it is effective for the feeling of satiety. And imagine it contains few calories, only 34 calories / 100 grams.

More and more people want to buy seedless watermelons, so then they have developed plants that can not produce grains. The watermelon is crossed with different chromosomes and within different culture circles this seedless watermelon is called hybrid. The hybrids are called the watermelons' "mules"... If you don't know mules are sterile...

Do not throw away the seeds of the watermelon if you find one with seeds... a nutritious supplement in the food or crispy snack... just to wipe the core!
If you want to counteract certain diseases, watermelon is one of the best foods to prevent... Lycopene, an antioxidant that is said to be preventive against certain diseases and also linked to the treatment of diseases.
All this is being investigated by the researchers.

* Imagine in Japan you grow watermelon in square plastic containers, to produce square watermelons. Then it is sold at luxury department stores in Russia for thousands of dollars each. True or False ?? maybe!
How do you know which watermelon to choose in the store?!
* If you see that the watermelon has been damaged or has brown spots, the pulp may also be damaged.
But if the spots can look like a spider web-like pattern, then it means that the flower is pollinerats many times which in turn means a sweeter fruit.
* Look for a big YELLOW spot!
The macula shows how the watermelon was as it grew, the yellower it is the more mature.
If you can take then take this rather than the most bright yellow or almost white spots on the water melon's shell.
* Same as the melon's stalk ....
Ripe melon if the stem is dried and green brown.
A fresh and green stalk, the melon is not quite ripe yet.
* The shape of the watermelon also affects the taste...
The more orb-round melons have a sweeter taste and elongated watermelons are said tobe a little waterier.
* It is important that the watermelon feels heavy!
When you lift up the melon and it feels light, there is a great risk that the pulp has dried. You can test by tapping the melon and then a muffled hollow sound should sound when it is ripe, thanks to high levels of water.
If the melon is immature and dry, it usually sounds mute.

A watermelon can suffer from cold damage and is also sensitive to heat!!

Since the watermelon is filled with Vitamin A, Vitamin B6 and Vitamin C it is my friend .... it keeps my skin fresh.
There is a pigment in the watermelon that can protect your joints against inflammation and reduce the risk of cure and arthritis.
The red color in the watermelon comes from Lycopene, an antioxidant that we also have in the tomato although the watermelon is probably a "straw sharpener" .... The lycopene protects the skin from sun damage.
The watermelon is rich in the amino acid Citrulline which helps lower blood pressure and Lycopene also protects the heart ....
If you, as a woman, go through menopause and eat more watermelon - supplementation improves heart and vascular health.
Watermelon supplements also contribute to lower blood pressure in overweight adults.
Many people with me probably have a hard time with SUGAR ... so instead of the alternative sweet drinks, sweets, cakes ... why not take watermelon which is sweet and healthy and so much better !!
When it comes to watermelon, the imagination is infinitely great at what you can do ...
For dishes, salad, etc. watermelon and feta cheese..pizzas with watermelon, drinks, and if you grill watermelon it will be sweeter ... there are so many good and nice recipes!

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I just love spring when everything starts to bloom again after a dark and gray period like we had this winter.

Just look at the lawn where the little nice suns start to shine, Dandelions
We called them and is commonly known as WEED...!?
What weeds? Dandelions are vitamin-rich, a long-lasting nature, making their way through asphalt and concrete.
Why should we fight the Dandelions...?
Instead, discover the healing and culinary skills that the Dandelion has.
Did you know that dandelion is considered one of 14 most important wild plants in a survival situation...
The dandelion is perfect for the Bees and its survival, The dandelion has the HIGHEST rating on NECTAR.
No Bees, no life!!

Dandelion is used in various herbal remedies that are inserted when slag substances in the body are to dissolve, it increases the secretion of these passing the kidneys and liver.
Medical action of dandelion:
* CARMINATIVUM = Prevents flatulence.
* STOMATIKUM ( amaramedel) = Stomach strengthening, prevents relaxation of the stomach, stimulates the production of digestive fluids.
* X-RAY MASKULATION = Forming vital proteins secreted in the blood, it has been shown to facilitate the diagnosis of diseases of the body.
* CHOLAGOGUM = increases bile production.
* DIURETIKUM = Diuretic, does not give potassium deficiency, is very potassium rich.
* MESENKYMACTIVE = Dissolves slag substances in connective tissues.

Dandelions are rich in Potassium, Magnesium which improves liver and biliary functions and good deters and cleansers, we have now understood.
Contains more Iron and Protein than Spinach.
Vitamin - A, Vitamin - C, Vitamin - D, Vitamin - B, carbohydrates, beta-carotene, potassium, flavonids, oleic acid, linoleic acid and tannins.
It is possible to eat the whole dandelion, from flower to leaf and down to the root, everything is edible!
Dandelion flowers you can make syrup, it should taste like honey.
Since vegans don't eat honey, dandelion syrup is a better option for them...
Pick the flower buds and fry them, some people like to dip the flower in plain pancake batter and fry... with the possibilities and imagination you get far!
The dandelion flower can be used in the salad...
Do you want to make Dandelion wine (now legal at least in Sweden!) be prepared for the fact that it takes kilos of flower to make on batch...

It is important to complete the cleansing, remove the yellow flower from the green within a few hours after collecting the flowers.
I was through it myself a few years ago and it was a ... I'm going to say tough or hard work... do not really know, but also relaxing there in the sun ... the reward came of course after a few weeks ... when the flowers are cleared, the wine preparation began immediately.
Or why not make a good dandelion marmalade!
Before you start using the Dandelion flower, put it first in cold water for a while and then you get out all the bugs that have settled there inside the flower!!
There are a lot of bitters in the plant, you should use the leaves in a salad, put the leaves first in water about 30 minutes to pull out part of the bitter.
The leaves are good in both smoothies, salad or Pesto. The leaves also have a high content of Vitamin - C...
The plant juice is abundant in the Dandelion stalk, contains the bitter substance Taraxacin and should you eat AMOUNTS it can cause stomach upset, nausea and diarrhea.
If you eat a small amount, it is considered harmless.
As with everything else.... never overdose, and this also applies to dandelion.
* During pregnancy or breast-feeding, do not use Dandelion Preparations!
The milky juice of the dandelion from the stem is used to relieve itching when, for example, the dandelion is used. insect bites or dampen the burning from stinging bees.

The root contains about 23% carbohydrates. Peel the root and leach it before cooking, after about 15 minutes of cooking it can be eaten. sometimes a second boil may be needed to remove a bit more from the taste of bitterness.

 It is not only negative with the bitter taste of the dandelion because it is the one that initiates the secretion of digestive enzymes, bile from the liver. So both appetite and digestion improve and also the function of the liver and bile. What suits me perfectly is also that the pancreas is stimulated to regulate blood sugar!
The roots can be used to fill  out in gratin, steaks, pies, raw shrimp but keep in mind that the root is bitter so I want to remind you to cook it a few times before you put it in the food.

You can slice, dry, roast the roots, excellent as caffeine-free coffee surrogate.

There are a number of active substances in the various parts of the plant that are used in different types of disorders ... good against constipation, atherosclerosis, gout and rheumatism. And used in various "Purification".

According to ancient folklore, dandelion was protecting from Witches and Trolls...
Probably I think that Witches and trolls had a little more knowledge about nature and the wild plants!
Keep in mind that your stomach may have to get used to wildplants  if you are not used to be eating WILD PLANTS. As you eat more, the natural bacterial in your stomach increases...  eat a little in the beginning and then increase as you go ...
Dandelion in French is called "pissenlit" = "Pi in bed" , then you understand the plant's strong diuretic quality ...
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Big favorite for me is Blueberry, which are beautiful, tasty and super healthy berries!

The blueberries thrive best in spruce forest and are a typical shadow plant, 17% of Sweden's surface is covered by blueberry rice.

Blueberry rice blooms in early summer in May - June in south of Sweden and in the north in August. Then it is perfect to pick the leaves and dry just like you do with the blueberries.

The blueberry has a thin wax film that protects the berries from moisture and dehydration!

Blueberries have a major impact on the biodiversity of forests and
are an important help for the survival of many species.
You will not find the berries at the top in the forrest, but in the perfect position down on the ground where it can be reached by all kinds of animals. The rice is grazed by deer, elk, bumblebees and butterflies drink nectar from the flowers and capercaillie find caterpillars on the branches of the rice which is a nutritious food for them.

* Magnesium, potassium, substances that are important for a healthy heart but also for the nervous system.

* Full of antioxidants, manganese, calcium, iron, B - vitamin, vitamin C and Vitamin B6.

* ANTOCYANIN - a powerful antioxidant that gives plants a strong red, blue or violet color. Does inflammation inhibitory, cholesterol lowering and vascular dilation. Protects against cardiovascular diseases, as they prevent fats from oxidizing in the blood.

Because blueberries contain fiber, it keeps blood sugar at an even level.
This in turn can prevent both diabetes, weight gain and relieves the sweet craving. The pectins in blueberries form a gele-like consistency in the intestine, it affects the rate at which nutrients are absorbed into the intestine.

Blueberries are the most effective probiotics imaginable that nourish benign bacteria and other microorganisms in the gut.
For example at a bowl of berries and raw honey...

There are plenty of flavonoids in the berries, a substance that can reduce the risk of various diseases. Like Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, etc.
Blueberries are good for your eyesight, protecting your eyes against aging processes by strengthening blood vessels. Strengthens the eye tissue, increases blood circulation, prevents eye cataracs. Stabilizes the levels of collagen, facilitates the production of pigments and therefore good against cataracts.

* Blueberries are anti-inflammatory, blood cleansing, improves healing and good to prevent varicose veins.

* Good for neurons both in the brain and in the eye.

powerful antioxidants that act as protective substances for our cells. It is the intense blue dye in the blueberry that is most active.

ANTOSYANIN - FLAVONOIDS counteract high blood pressure. Beneficial phenolic compounds have a strong antioxidant effect and counteract cardiovascular diseases.
Also counteracts memory loss, promotes the ability of brain cells to communicate with each other.

Picking and eating berries on a sunny day, it gives power to the adrenal glands and helps balance your blood sugar.

However, if you eat the berries on a cloudy day, you will stimulate the cleansing of the liver.

Want to get extra energy and energy for the rest of your day eat a handful of berries between your meals!

Blueberries are effective natural remedy against digestive disorders and diares;
Fresh blueberries good if you got constipation or hard stomach, usually get the stomach going. But if you want to prevent a loose stomach, you should eat dried blueberries.

In case of digestive problems, I find that the easiest way is to chew on dried blueberries or make a light stilling tea'.... Pour a cup of boiling water over 1-2 teaspoons of blueberry leaves, strain and drink warm 1-2 times / day.

* If you eat just over 1 cup blueberry / day it is said that you get better coordination and balance!

Wild blueberry trump is Antocyan compounds, giving the blueberries their blue color.
Contains plenty of vitamins and minerals. There is a quadruple amount of anthocyane unlike the cultivated American blueberries.
"Dry the blueberries in the oven for 50 degrees about 12 hours on a baking sheet!"
In food, the taste of blueberries is processed...

A combination of artificial taste and dyes, sugar, starch, corn syrup, oil.
The real thing blueberry always tastes best, I think ...

** It's not just in the food that blueberries are useful but... The blueberries are used to dye texstilier, wool and veneer.

**In pharmacies, dried blueberries were sold as a remedy for fever.

** Blueberry rice can be used as a tanning agent in leather preparation.

** For a long time back, blueberries were also used as preservatives
when you dried meat.
It is possible to make a lot of scrums of blueberries... Pies, muffins, smoothies, blueberry blueberry cream, jam, etc.
If you do not have a garden, it is so good to grow on the balcony!
The blueberries have a shallow root system, it allows you to grow them in a
larger pot.

Blueberries cross-pollinate which means they want other blueberry plants around them. There are different blueberry varieties eg. there is "Barklie", "Emil", "Putte", or "Northblue" ... just to choose!

Good and important that you rinse your blueberries before eating them !! If you rinse the blueberries too soon before using them, the water causes the berries to soften and destroy.

Good to know...
The blueberries can be mistaken for a berry called ODON, but it's easy to see the difference. ODON has blunt leaves, blue dewy on the underside and the juice of the tasteless berries is colorless.

The blueberries have pointed leaves and are green underneath, the juices from the berries are violet. You can also see the branches on which the berries grow ... ODON has thin gray-brown branches, more tall than those of blueberries, and it grows unlike blueberries on moist soil. The blueberries have green and angular branches. ODON is considered more of an emergency food!

Blueberries have also been referred to as SKRALLEBERRIES - You can't deny if you have eaten blueberries, your lips revealed you!

<![CDATA[Rose hip!]]>Wed, 15 Apr 2020 11:18:17 GMThttps://lifestylehealthandnaturalliving.net/vitaminsnutrition/rose-hipThe Rose hip is the soul of the Rose!

The roots of the rose bush reach deeper into the soil than many other bushes. Thanks to this, the rosehip bush has more opportunity to reach down deeper into the mud and soil layers so it can absorb almost all kinds of minerals and the important silicon.

Unfortunately, our everyday life still belongs to vitamin deficiency.
In the rosehip, the most bioidentical, bioavailable form of vitamin C is available.
Interestingly, the vitamin C in Rosehip has the power to convert vitamin C into other foods you have eaten into something better and bigger.

Vitamin C from Rosehip is more anti-inflammatory than from other sources, it helps to increase the number of white blood cells by strengthening the neutrophils, eosinophils, basts and macrophages.

It strengthens the immune system against viruses, bacteria, yeast, mold and other unwanted fungus.

Rosehip is a Sarkilt effective combatant for virtually any kind of infection!

Rosehips are amazing at relieving urinary tract infection.... actually better than Cranberries that I have learned over the years.

Also heals skin conditions...

Has a higher content of antioxidants than most healing foods.

* One cup of rosehip contains as much vitamin C as 35 - 40 Oranges.
* Berries contain vital minerals such as iron, calcium, potassium, magnesium and carotene which is a source of vitamin A.
* rosehip reduces bad cholesterol and blood pressure.

Rosehips are sham fruits, consisting of a shell that encapsulates what is actually the fruit, hairy and rock hard nuts.

The horses were given dried rosehips in the past to strengthen their immune system, relieve joint pain and prevent injuries.

They say that it gives people the same effect if we take 1 teaspoon whole rosehip powder/ day.

* You need to eat 1 kilo of Lemons to reach the same vitamin C level as 2 dl of rosehip.
* Rosehip also gives you almost your entire daily need for magnesium.

Vitamin C : Keeps you healthy and strong immune system. Beta-carotene : Gives skin pigment, you become lighter brown.

Magnesium : Relieves muscle cramps, makes you relax. Lithium : Improves mood/stabilizes.

Vitamin A : Strong mucous membranes and important for the skin.

B2 : Contributes to wound healing, important for skin, hair and nails.
Iron : Better performance, endurance and resilience.

* Rosehip also gives you almost your entire daily need for magnesium.

The high vitamin C content of the rosehip helps not only to strengthen your immune system, but also to maintain mobile joints, vitamin C contributes to normal collagen formation in the bone structure.

If you feel you are the victim of a mental attack... that you are influenced by the negative state of mind of others; Then rosehips are important for you to be able to protect yourself from these evil intentions... When you follow your heart and want to live naturally, or others who want you to compromise on everything in your workplace , among friends, etc... Get help out of Rosehip, CLOSE OUT All Pessimists... continue to follow your path as you feel good!

The rosehip is ripe in August - September.

Pick the ripe fruit, rinse it thoroughly and "pry" it.
Either you dry the RoseHip... start halving the rose hip (remember to wear plastic gloves, there is a lint around the rosehip kernels that creates a hard itchy.)
Spread the rosehip pieces in the pan and dry in the oven at 50 degrees about 5 - 6 hours, until the shells are hard and dry.
With plastic gloves on, it is easier to remove the seeds, if you want to grind the rosehip into fine powder and store dry and cool.

But before...
Let the dry rosehip rest for 5 minutes in the Sun (no more). The rosehip activates a stronger memory of bathing in the sun , swaying in the wind.
Which will amplify the dry rosehips to give its maximum power to you!!

You can also store the fresh rosehip in the freezer as ground pieces in plastic bags.
There's a lot to do with Rosehip... Fresh rosehips are good for jelly, jam and marmalade.

I use dried Rosehip for my tea and to enhance and activate vitamin C - the contents of rose hip, I add raw honey and a few drops of squeezed lemon.

On my yogurt I mess over with Rosehip powder and so I use it for my good smoothie ...

Even if the rosehips that remain on the bush during the winter become black, it is still possible to be picked and used!

Neutrophils = Important task of keeping the wound free from bacteria and damaged tissue. Also secretes growth factors that can benefit wound healing.

Eosinophils = A type of white blood cell represents less than 3% of the number of white blood cells in healthy people. It circulates about 12 hours in the bloodstream.

I use dried Rosehip for my tea and to enhance and activate vitamin C - the contents of rose hip, I add raw honey and a few drops of squeezed lemon.

accumulate in inflamed and infected tissues. Emits toxic substances to incapacitate parasites, inter alia, in the case of a chemical parasite.

The macrophages = The word macrophages= "big eater", works by eating foreign cells.

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Banana has been a big part of my breakfast intake for many years!
To have breakfast has been a nightmare for me but as always necesery to get energi to body and brain to work for a few more hours. I have talked to many who have the same problem and the question is ... How do I do?

What shall I eat that goes fast to do and not " logs " themselves in the throat?? That's how it feels in the morning when I have to have breakfast, it's not possible for me to swallow the food
I started with smoothies, it allso works to prepare the night before so I can grab it when I run on my way out.

Banana is the base of my smoothie if I don´t instead shoose a green smoothie ...
Feels easier for me to swallow and I now I´ve got something to work on in the morning.

I am often told... You should be careful about eating too much Banana... too much carbohydrates and protein.

Yes thats true but it´s the same with everything .. Not to much and not to little... and a modern dietitian wouldn't recommend banana if you need to cut down on carbohydrates.

But i will tell you more about why I eat banana.
The banana that we eat (dessert banana) is one of the genus Musa and is a hybrid of several different species from the banana genus. Scientifically, this dessert banana has ended up in the Musa group. There are 1000 different types of banana seedlings all over the world, the majority of these banana seedlings are not eatable. The shell on the banana can be as we know yellow, but also there are purple, pink and red when the fruit is ripe.

As children, we learn that the banana is a fruit... but botanically, I have been told that the banana should be a berry... ??!

The banana is one of the healthiest, most natural food we have here on earth! Contains hardly any fat, has a quantity of vitamin B6 in it as well as several minerals such as vitamin C, vitamin A, manganese, riboflavin, potassium, magnesium, niacin, iron, dietary fiber, sodium, protein.
The high fiber content of the banana normalizes bowel movements!

It has Important amino acids such as Tryptophan, lysine, leucine, threomnin, arginine.

Free from cholesterol and salt. Studies have shown that the banana helps you from cardiovascular diseases.

POTASSIUM = Provides a vessel-expanding effect.

Why Amino Acids Are Important?
Bananas helps Your Body To Produce Serotonin = The natural substance that counteracts depression. (anti-depressant tablets often contain it) And since banana contains large amounts of  B6 and amino acids, Tryptophan , it means that a banana can make you in a better mood!
You also get a boost to improve the ability to reason and cognitive ability.

Free from cholesterol and salt.

* A medium-sized banana provides about 3 grams of dietary fiber.
* Banana stimulates memory.
* It is said that the banana can work against joint pain and pain if you eat it regularly.
* There are 3 times more Vitamin C in a banana than it is in an apple.
* The track provides energy slowly, good because then it helps the brain to stay allert longer.
* If you suffer from calcium deficiency, make sure to eat banana often, it helps your body to absorb calcium and build stronger bones.

Free from cholesterol and salt.

There have been studies on the world's best athletes and the track is at the top of the list and loved most by them. In the test they ate half a course every 15 minutes during a bike race and it was as effective as drinking a sports drink that has carbohydrates in it.

Ripe bananas can be used when baking instead of oil or butter, mashed banana gives a natural sweetness in cakes and muffins . Better than white sugar..

To keep the banana fresher longer -wrap the stem piece with a little plastic film, it can give 5 days extra .

When I Make My Own Ice Cream
I freeze bananas in slices that are always the base of the ice cream. When it's time, I take  slices from 2 bananas from the freezer and frozen berries that I want 30 min before manufacture because it has to defrost a little bit before.
I put everything in a larger bowl, (it will splatter) and run with my blender to the consistency I want. Then put the ice cream in a smaller bowl and just enjoys... yummie it´s very tasty!

Banana provides heart health!!
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The generic name Rosmarinus comes from latin....." The Dew of the Sea" .

Already in the Middle Ages Rosemary was used as an ingredient in incense and aromatic oils.
It was believed that rosemary protected against evil powers, it was also good for memory.
Rosemary is a semi-shrub that is harvested on the twigs before flowering begins. Is one of the best spice plants that is useful in cooking.
In ancient Greece they associated this herb with friendship, fidelity and such good memory.
Therefore, many students brought a Rosemary Twig to the school tests so they kept the "sharpness".
Do you have headaches, fresh Rosemary is good to eat!

I find it interesting that so many of our vegetables and herbs in one way or another actually reduce the headaches, which many of us go around with...
Rosemary/ 100g.
Fat-soluble vitamins
Vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin E vitamin K and carotene.
Water-soluble vitamins
Vitamins B1, B2, B3, B6, B9, B12 and vitamin C.
Phosphorus, iron, calcium, potassium, magnesium, sodium, selenium, zinc.
In therapeutic use, rosemary is a natural preservative.
* Promotes digestion, antispasmodic.
* Prevents high blood pressure.
* Prevents food poisoning, by, among other things, counteracting oxidation of fats.
* Counteracts viruses and fungi.
* Prevents mucus formation in the nose and throat caused by a cold, flu
or an infection.
* Immune strengthening and nerve relaxant.
* Anti-inflammatory, prevents rheumatoid artris.
* Antiseptic.
* Circulatory promotion, increases blood flow to the brain and head,
concentration improves, strengthens memory.
* Strengthens and protects the bile function and liver.
* Rosemary reduces carcinogenic substances formed when grilling meat.
Rosemary fits well with basil, oregano, sage in your cooking. Dosage: 1-6 dried spices in food or tea.
In pregnancy , do not exceed more than 1-2 teaspoons in the food.
in high doses it can stimulate the uterus!!
Imagine that even herbs give us these important substances that our body so well needs to stay healthy.
Imagine that this "tiny" green Rosemary's leaves can have so many goods in it...

<![CDATA[Ginger]]>Wed, 15 Apr 2020 11:12:11 GMThttps://lifestylehealthandnaturalliving.net/vitaminsnutrition/ginger
Do you want to make your body become your best friend ..... Eat ginger daily, your stomach, your brain and heart will love you literally!

Ginger is an ancient medicinal plant used in Africa and Asia. Traditionally, the Chinese use it in their folk medicine to counteract, nausea, seasickness and motion sickness.

The ginger can be 1.5 meters high and is believed to originate from southern China.
There are at least twenty different species of wild ginger in Borneo.
The Chinese keep their ginger in sand so that it doesn't dry. But I as Nordbo put my ginger in a plastic bag in the fridge. Fresh unpeeled ginger then survives without drying for about 3 months, dried ginger survives in a jar for several years.

Ginger contains vitamin-A, calcium, vitamin D, coralamine, vitamin C, iron, magnesium, vitamin B6, etc.

The ginger helps the body absorb nutrients and relieves if you have a lot of stress inside you.

It is also packed with a unique variant of * bioavailable vitamin C.

Ginger contributes balance and *homeostasis ate the thyroid gland = activates an underactive gland and calm an overactive.

Ginger contains a lots of antioxidants, it acts anti-inflammatory. If you start to feel sick, maybe a pre-cold is coming... Put in ginger. Just keep in mind that it works best when you take the cold in its infancy.

Good to eat if you have diarrhea and also good against gases in the stomach.

A few years ago I suffered from migraine here and there  and it knocked me out completely. Got tips on eating and drinking ginger, when my migraine started did I stand by the stove? ... no I sat on a chair and balanced ... and you who had migraines understand what I mean! I bought frozen ginger and could arrange ginger tea as soon as possible... screened and drank.

It was the beginning of a great help for me to discover that I could use ginger in my cooking and for my smoothie. It has worked for me and everyone needs to try on  themselves, we are all different in our sensitivity!

Making ginger tea' is simple: Take a bite, about 2-3 cm out of the ginger and divide into smaller pieces. Put the pieces in water and boil at low temperature about 4-5 min. Strain off the ginger and drink.

Peeling a ginger is trick-easy... Take a spoon and scrape off the shell of the ginger, it goes faster than with a knife!

There are two substances in the ginger that account for the curative effect - gingerol and shogaol. It is these substances that make the gingers strong taste, although the risk of stomach ulcers reduces the soothes the stomach. At the end I tell you when these oils are not always to their advantage depending on us people's different sensitivities!

Ginger stimulates metabolism and digestion, if you add 1 teaspoon of ginger to your breakfast increases digestion.

Since ginger works anti-inflammatory, it provides a good help in case of joint problems. Helps to reduce swelling and pain in the joints, then it also works well against soreness and a great help against menstrual pain.

Ginger also has a detoxifying effect!

Ginger stimulates the body to secrete bile and it causes the fat to break down, lowers the cholestrol, and increases blood circulation in the body.

Ginger is anti-bakterial and strengthens your immune system due to the high content of antioxidants. When you eat ginger, you prevent high blood pressure, lower cholesterol, stroke and heart disease.

Using ginger in cooking or baking is a good idea and something that fits with ginger is, carrots, lemon, strawberries, banana, rhubarb, chocolate.
A nice combination is also with honey, chili and turmeric.

Here's an exhilarating vitamin bristle.... GREEN GINGER SHOT.
1DL Plucked leaves of mint and parsley 1DL baby spinach
1 celery stalk
1/2 ripe avokado
1 lemon/lime
3 cm peeled ginger
3 DL freshly squeezed apple juice

To do this, follow these steps:
1. Put all green leaves in a blender jug. Cut the celery into pieces. peel and cut out avocado. place the pulp in the jug.
2. Squeeze in lemon juice and then the juice from the ginger with the help of a garlic press. pour on apple juice and mix well.

As always, "Lagom" is best!!
important to think about it even with ginger.

Because ginger contains oil called gingerols and shogaols that are super beneficial in the " LAGOM" dose, but if you were to overdose on the intake of ginger, your liver may have problems processing the oil.

Scientists say different.... someone says that a daily intake of max 4 grams of fresh ginger is okay!
While another scientist says that upwards of 15 grams / day out of dried ginger is harmless.....

I myself think like this ... feel my body and how it reacts, use my common sense...

There are some risk groups that should be extra careful with their consumption of ginger :
If you are PREGNANT it is ok to eat ginger in normal amounts found in recipes to season food and pastries. A higher dose should be avoided during pregnancy, otherwise it can contribute to increased contraction in the uterine muscles.

If you have haemophilia or gallstones disease, be careful!
Ginger can cause bleeding and affect blood pressure medicine at too high doses.
If you eat Waran medicine that is blood thinning, it's a good idea to cut down on ginger.

BIOAVAILABILITY = Biological availability - How much the body is capable of taking advantage of.
Low bioavailability = The substance has difficulty absorbing in the intestine.
HOMEOSTAS = The body is stable/in perfect balance.
In the end....

Increasing combustion is not the same as losing weight. To lose weight, energy intake must be less than energy consumption.

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Then I continue my exciting discovery journey through this world of vegetables and the next stop will be, cucumber.

How much do we know about this elongated, green and watery "sly dogs"?!

It is not just a cucumber, but there are 30 species within the family of cucumberplants. It has probably been grown in India since 4000 - 5000 years ago and apparently came to Sweden in the late 16th century.

Vegetable or not is the question! .... When you open a cucumber, you see lots of small grains so someone says it tells you that cucumber is a fruit. well there you see .... never late to learn something new :)

Many years ago I was like "obsessed" with  cucumber,  I could eat several  a day and felt like a labrador dog when I walked into a shop and it started watering in my mouth as soon as I saw a cucumber.

That's so weird...and why this "obsession"?!

I knew it wasn't that I had bad breath because then there was a good trick a friend of mine taught me... my friend told me if I kept a slice of cucumber pressed against the palate about 1/2 minute with my tongue so starts the phytochemicals in the cucumber to kill the smelly bacteria… intresting!

The cucumber also counteracts a swollen stomach.... But no, that's not why I was a little crazy... When all this was going on, I had a tough period after the car crash, the pain and everything, I have to learn about  my body and everyday life that had to work, which it hardly did at the time. Things that I took for granted that I could do before the accident and that we might do normaly...
The worry and sadness that was balling around with me day in and day out when I realized that life had taken a new turn!

At this point to eat food and getting vitamins to my body was not on my map and the next step was to go and talk to a dietitian.

Then finally a candle went up... my values were primordial simply, the body screamed for nutrition and vitamins and since I did not understand it myself, my body had to grab it myself , therefore my "obsession" out of cucumber ...
But i thought that's just water.

No said dietician, in the garbar shell there are chlorophyll which is bound to vitamin B1 B,2, B3, B5, B6  and vitamin C.
And also Iron, Zinc, Phosphorus, Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium and 95% Water. WHAT!!!!

Can you hear more.... trace of the allmino acids glycine and glutamine. High-level content of enzymes and coenzymes, over 50 trace minerals that make it a great intermediate system for the neurotransmitters.

Very good to know if you are plagued by neurological disorders and anxiety.

The cucumber's 95% water is a perfect antidote for dehydration because it moisturizes us at the deepest cellular level.

A refreshing vegetable/ fruit that cools an overheated liver.

If you eat cucumber scans daily, it helps to counteract liver damage, even working against the effect of up to 15 years of exposure to toxins (heavy metals, the pesticide DDT) and a lack of diet.

Antipyretic because it has a cooling effect on the organs and gland. Drinking a cucumber juice releases magical substances that dampen the fever. (like water on the fire)

* Since the cucumber cools down the body's organs, you can keep in mind that if there is someone around you who has problems with their mood, anger, irritated, sour, prepare yourself with some cucumber slices and bid on them....
* Always peel conventionally grown freelance cucumbers so you don't get the wax on your shell.
But do not throw the cucumber shells, the waxed coating found on the cucumber can remove ink... like an eraser ...
* If you burned yourself in the sun too much, put a cucumber slice or mashed cucumber in that area.
Fun to know is also that there can be 20 degree difference between the inside of a cucumber and the temperature that is outside, imagine what nature can arrange.
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A super spice , ( according to me) has been using it for a long time now and even with turmeric I notice the difference between the pain and everything that is inflamed in my body.

Is one of the main ingredients of curry, important for healing and detoxiating the brain.

It is possible to be taken as a dietary supplement and combined with black pepper that makes it more powerful.

When I use a new herb, vegetable and I want to see the effect on my body I try them separatly for 3 - 4 weeks. Think it's amazing AHA - experiences when my body responds in a positive way.
Well I can agree that it sounds a bit tedious and time consuming, but if you have such intense aches and every day is to just persevere and not become a " Chatting Donald Duck" that needs to be stuffed full with different kinds of medications that affect your precense. Is it much more worth to have control of my own body as far and as long as possible....

Turmeric... contains  curcumin = phytochemical, anti-inflammatory properties, natural and beneficial steroids. Even other components that are important and
suppresses inflammatory reactions.

This is why turmeric is good for everything in our body that is inflamed and causes pain, in nerves and leads to your  brain.

I read somewhere about chronic fatigue syndrome, which many of us have, which says it is a mild form of virus reminiscent of just encephalitis, a swelling of the brain so insignificant that no one cares....

An inexplicable pressure in the head, headache, cloudy vision that even the glasses do not always help, dizziness, confusion and sometimes anxiety and panic sensations....
Anyone recognize themselves?!

I do it on all points and the best is Turmeric of course, someone asks me, I answer  Yees!

The turmeric is working well... It also increases the blood supply in those areas of the body in which circulation needs to be dated.
Turmeric has a high content of manganese and when combined with the curcumin it becomes perfect for cardiovascular symet.
Manganese and curiosity together have an ability to drive/ hunt out toxic heavy metals.

If you start to find it difficult to receive compliments/ praise or constantly disparage yourself and do not think you bring anything good or positive in your life ...
Time to start eating Turmeric and make this spice a part of your life!
The turmeric's healing content will help you see the amazing, valuable person you are!!

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When I went to Axelson animal school to become a dog masseur, I learned that there was something called roostercomb. It was  from the particular roostercomb and then injected into joints with osteoarthritis or the beginning of osteoarthritis. This helped the joint to regain joint fluid and the wear decreased in the joint and less pain. However, it was not so easy to get this treatment, at least not in Sweden . But if you got it, it turned out to be very effective.

Many years later when I myself became bad in the body and  for many years had brutal aches in relapses due to. discbrock between shoulder blades and lower vertebrae and whiplash injury in the neck  my friend told me about something called Hyaluron. It turned out to be a plant-based extract that was even more effective than roostercomb. I was also told that it is used as fillers in many so-called rejuvenation creams you buy expensively in the store. What was so fascinating was that you could drink pure Hyaluron and it goes out into the body and has an incredibly positive effect. I felt it was worth a try because after all these years and no doctors could find a way to help me. Painkillers and not being able to activate myself as I was originally used to was not an option. I chose to try and ordered home pure Hyaluron.

After two weeks I felt the difference and after a month I wake up one morning and had a aha experience, that I actually did not have pain. I could start carrying bags of food from the store without getting pain in the swan.

After many discussions and review and initially test on us 3 people and most dogs with joint problems, it turned out that hyaluronet really works. We combined laser and drank Hyaluron and it gave great results in reduction to completely disappear in pain and increased mobility. Since Hyaluron is naturally found in our own joint fluid, it can be said that it is replenished again and the friction and wear that accelerates the inflammation and which partly gives osteoarthritis decreases and or is suspended.
A bonus if you want is to lubricate yourself with hyaluronet for example your  face, the skin absorbs it and the skin becomes a little more elastic and feels and looks younger.

 Probably why if you read the ingredients on all the expensive so-called rejuvenation creams, contains Hyaluron. Better maybe to take pure Hyaluron then you know what it contains and get more and cheaper?

Hyaluronet is available today for both man, horse and dog. I would say that the Hyaluronet is exactly the same regardless of the species on the packaging. The difference is that hyaluronet to Dog is mixed with msm and glucosamine). There are also good components that even horses and humans can eat but as long as the body has an inflammation, the glucosamine does not work separately but can be good in combination in the process when the body gets rid of the inflammation in the joint (see if inflammation in the past article).